What is the minimum amount of collision coverage required by law for car insurance in columbus?

Columbus drivers who drive less than 9,000 miles a year (about 22 miles per day) may be entitled to discounts on low-mileage car insurance. These measures help cover the cost of injuries to you or your passengers if you are ever hit by a driver who doesn't have enough or no car insurance. The price of your car insurance premium is based on several factors, such as the car you drive, the coverages you include, and its limits and deductibles. For most drivers, it's simply easier to meet the state's minimum auto insurance requirements than it is to take out alternative insurance, and it's certainly less risky.

Columbus drivers who drive with Lemonade Car can (and possibly should) add the following coverages to their auto insurance policy to increase their protection behind the wheel. These habits can improve your Lemonade safety score and possibly lower the cost of car insurance (especially if you maintain a clean driving record). This means that car insurance coverages and limits that work for a friend or family member who lives elsewhere might not be right for you. NerdWallet has put together the minimum requirements by state so you can quickly and easily find the amount of car insurance you need to drive legally.

Columbus isn't just the capital of Ohio, it's also a paradise for lovers of cars, car culture, and transportation history. Many additional optional coverages are available, such as rent reimbursement, which pays for a car rental if the car is in the workshop after a covered claim, roadside assistance or towing insurance, and comprehensive glass coverage, which pays for the repair or replacement of broken window glass, with no deductible. Columbus Cars & Coffee is a weekly meeting where car enthusiasts meet, have a cup of coffee and hang out.

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