What is the app that compares insurance rates?

Not to mention that I didn't have to deal with a thousand spam calls for filling out something online asking about car insurance rates. The app itself, Jerry, is quite surprising when I think about the painstaking and efficient process that buying car insurance can be and has been over the years. In less than 45 seconds, Jerry compares auto insurance quotes from more than 50 insurance companies to save you time, money and stress. I was surprised that not only was my car insurance tremendously easy, but that it was also a simple and seamless process.

Not only does this app get your information from your state and it gets your insurance information, your car information, and then it does a search to find you a variety of options with different insurance companies and different levels of coverage. I just bought a new car and I need to insure it, although I've had some fines, an accident and a recent suspension (it hasn't been 3 years since then), so I didn't think they would give me a good deal.

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