What insurance do i need to hire a car in greece?

Required insurance coverage Fire and third-party liability insurance is mandatory and is included in all rentals. Many offer car insurance if you have a U.S. credit card, so you don't have to pay additional fees. These insurance policies are mandatory for renting a car, and without them, you simply won't get the car.

Personal accident coverage is insurance that you take out to protect yourself and the passengers in your rental car against any injuries you may suffer if you are involved in an accident. The cost of rental car insurance in Greece, as well as car rental, is calculated based on the days of use of the car. Car rental companies in Greece and around the world are known for scaring customers and selling more of their insurance packages. Insurance also does not include cases where the theft of the car or the car accident occurs directly through the fault of the renter.

We've found that it's often cheaper and less complicated to rent a car on one of the larger “most popular” islands and then take that car on the ferry to the other smaller islands. Having rental car insurance in Greece will make it easier for you to enjoy the country's beauty with peace of mind. Like car rental costs, rental car insurance costs in Greece are calculated based on the number of days you plan to use the car. Each type of rental car insurance will cover you against specific risks, providing many insurance options.

If you are a regular traveler in Greece and prefer car rental as a means of transportation, you can opt for the annual travel insurance plan. Rental car insurance in Greece is a vital aspect of the contract you sign with the rental company, and most will never rent a car to you without minimal insurance. This type of insurance covers you against any damage you may cause to other people's cars or property. The different types of rental car insurance are designed to cover you against the many risks you may face when driving your rental car in mainland Greece.

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