What does fleet mean on a truck?

A fleet vehicle is a car, truck, or other car that forms or was part of a group of vehicles owned by a company. All vehicles in the fleet are commercial vehicles, but not all commercial vehicles are fleet vehicles. A fleet vehicle is a car that was once used by an organization for work, charity, or government purposes. There are a variety of fleet vehicles, from eco-friendly and pocket sedans to full-size SUVs.

The most common type of fleet vehicle is a rental car. National car rental companies Hertz, Avis and Enterprise, for example, sell their used vehicles to recover part of the original purchase cost. Because these companies buy cars at wholesale discounts, you might be able to find a good deal. A fleet vehicle is any motorized asset of a company to transport people and products, conduct business, or assist in daily activities.

A fleet vehicle can range from a group of service vans, rental cars and taxis to a group of excavators and tractors. In general terms, fleet vehicles are cars, trucks, or other cars owned by a company or organization for official use. Sometimes, fleets are used in delivery services or can be assigned to sales employees or other occupations that require a lot of travel throughout the day. A fleet vehicle is a car that is owned or leased by a company, government agency, or other organization, as opposed to an individual or family.

Fleet vehicles are rental vehicles, taxis and police cars, among others. Company cars (vehicles owned by a company for the use of its employees) can also be considered fleet vehicles.

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