Is progressive insurance a good stock to own?

Progressive Corporation's attractive PGR portfolio, leadership position, strength in the vehicle and property businesses, strong policies in place, retention and strong capital position, and favorable growth estimates make it worth keeping in the portfolio. It is an insurance holding company dedicated to providing personal and commercial auto insurance, residential property insurance and other specialized property and accident insurance and related services. Insurance ETF (IAK), Invesco KBW Property ETF & Casualty Insurance (KBWP), Janus Henderson US Sustainable Equity ETF (SSPX), Invesco DWA Financial Momentum (PFI) ETF, Guru Favorite Stocks (GFGF) ETF, Formidable Fortress ETF (KONG), Freedom Day Dividend ETF (MBOX) and Corbett Road Tactical Opportunity ETF (OPPX). The combined ratio provides a picture of an insurer's profitability and measures claims plus expenses divided by premiums; insurers want this ratio to be below 100% and the lower it is, the better.

Strategic initiatives aimed at offering consumers a new and distinctive car insurance option should help Progressive maintain its strong PLE. Although investment valuations have fallen, investors have reason to be optimistic, as the premiums earned by Progressive increased by 11% and the insurer continues to subscribe to profitable policies. On the other hand, Progressive can take advantage of its incoming cash flow by adding more Treasury bonds and other debt instruments at higher interest rates, which will generate more interest income for the insurer in the long term.

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