Are there any special programs available fromgeicofor drivers who have taken driver awareness courses getting a policyforcarinsuranceinatlanta?

According to the regulations, the attitudinal dynamics of driving (DDC-ADD) offered by the National Safety Council is an approved course for the DIP. In the four-hour virtual course on DDC-ADD, led by an instructor, drivers will learn how the decisions they make while driving can generate significant financial, legal and personal costs, and how their attitude affects decision-making on the road. A plan is developed to make changes in driving behavior in the long term. The National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) is designed to cover serious speeding violations detected by automatic camera devices and police officers.

The course provides drivers and cyclists with essential tips to help them change their behavior on the road and reduce recidivism. Drivetech is a leader in the United Kingdom in providing courses for offending drivers referred by the police, with improvements in road safety and people as the central focus. We help you make better and safer driving decisions. To do this, we share the latest information and challenge their beliefs behind the wheel.

The feedback we receive shows that we are making a difference. We regularly and passionately measure the training of our drivers, using customer feedback from Net Promoter Scores (NPS, currently with 69 “Excellent” points) and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellent scores.

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